Alana Sorensen

Alana Sorensen

Alana Sorensen Property Management

Alana manages operations and portfolio management. She has a strong interest in the process and details of managing properties, beyond just securing the first lease. Her core objective is to structure and execute on every process to benefit the property owner long term.

Alana’s strengths in applicant screening, property assessments, maintenance, insurances, managing strata and reporting help to reduce asset risk. Most importantly, this expertise provides clients with the security that their assets are being cared for.

With well over a decade of experience in property management, Alana provides a safe pair of hands for clients. She is high energy and high in integrity, always taking the bigger picture into account.

In Alana’s words: ‘Owning a property should be straight forward, not stressful. It’s our goal to help you feel empowered by your investment.’